Cambridge Nationals R002 Model Assignment Help

We have embarked on the Cambridge Nationals from OCR.  An exciting qualification which combines practical application of skills and a modern syllabus.

The units we have developed are as follows.  Please follow the links for more information and sample material:

Each of these SoL is designed to cover around 15-20 hours worth of teaching and is designed to cover all of the Knowledge, Skills and Understanding required for your students to then carry out the assessment task, each completed unit comes with:

  • Mid Term Overview
  • Induvidual Lesson Plans
  • Individual Lesson Power Points
  • All FULL set of resources (Student worksheets, Activity Sheets, Examples)
  • Student Advice Booklet
  • Unit Overview / Introduction Power Point

Don’t forget we have plenty of free stuff on here to like our Prezi Revision Guide for the R001 exam plus our fake “In House” model practice assignments “R000 – Making a Computing Game for a Given Purpose” to prepare students in year 9 for the Cambridge nationals this makes some grea

Also feel free to download our customised student mark sheets.  These are more compacted than the Official URS from OCR and are designed to be given out to your students to refer to during the live assessment tasks:

Unit R002 Mark Grid

Unit R005 Mark Grid

Unit R007 Mark Grid

Unit R010 Mark Grid

Unit R011 Mark Grid

If you have any questions please just contact me.

Like this:


Our brand new resource packs have been professionally designed and developed to cover the Cambridge Nationals in ICT specification including  all learning/assessment objectives ensuring every points on the specification has been covered. Each resource pack has a practice model assignment that mirrors the exact OCR model assignment.

Unit R001 Resource pack contains realistic sample/example exam questions based on the current scenario for Club DJ and Portland Games pre-release material. Click here for free exam questions   Unit R002 Resource Pack contains practice model assignments and worksheets covering all elements of the specification. Unit R001 also contains progress check list for the Model Assignment "MstreamIT"  

All resources come with a site license and are in printable PDF and interactive Flash Flipbook format which is ideal for your VLE or shared areas. PLEASE NOTE: Our resource packs have NOT been endorsed by OCR - please download the official model assignments as they are NOT contained in our packs).


Our Interactive Exam Resource Packs contain Interactive, self marking, randomised exam Questions  for LO1, LO2, LO3, LO4 and two actual exams. For further information and samples, click here or see below for a sample.


Key features of the resources include:

  • Exactly Matches the OCR  specification and content
  • All learning/assessment objectives and content covered
  • Practice Model Assignment that mirror the actual OCR Model Assignments for all packs.
  • Progress sheets that match the official OCR Model assignments
  • Self assessment sheets for students to self mark their coursework
  • Exam style question for each learning objective matching the feel of the actual exam
  • Professionally designed and developed to keep students engaged and interested
  • Mixture of Curriculum Content and Skills based activates for each Unit.
  • Unit R001 contains predictive and realistic exam questions for the for Club DJ and Portland Games Jan/June 2013 re-release scenarios.
  • Unit R001/R002 contains over 190+ worksheets each covering all elements of the specification
  • All packs contain individual 80+ A4 Photocopiable worksheets and unlimited printing
Cambridge Nationals in ICT

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