Dissertation Examples In Cyber Security

I am working on my Master's degree in security and need to start my thesis on information security, in particular...

network infrastructure. Can you suggest some good topics to write about in my thesis project?

I wish I were back in school, because there are so many choices out there for a good project. Here are some suggestions for you:

* The basis for all security is policy and how to create an effective one for all levels -- executives, network professionals, system administrators and consultants. How do you build a change management program to stem security flaws that lead to potential vulnerabilties?

* How do you educate employees for security awareness? Where does that begin? How does a resource starved business unit build a plan to test the level of information security? (I could go on, but I think that's a good start)

* Could or should the mission of CISOs be to raise the level of information security in the enterprise? How to do they get there? What does it take to build an effective program? How do you transform a network specialist into a network and security specialist?

* Viruses, worms, Trojan horses -- What's next? Add IP/URL spoofing and identity management to the first three, and now things are getting deep. If these issues are the next threats, what should companies be doing to head this off at the pass?

* Security event correlation and alert response: How does a company build a plan, and what metrics (if you can find any) can be applied?

Also, take a look at the security books being published today to see what's popular and go from there. Good luck!



Phd Research Topic in Cyber Security is a blooming field due to the increasing reliance on computer system and internet. Cyber security focus on protecting the computer networks, programs, and data from unauthorized access, change or destruction. It also gives protection to the theft or damage related to the hardware, software, as well as deals with the mis-lead of information and services. Fields like major financial institution, defense, hospitals and many IT solutions give prime importance to data security and confidentiality. Hacking on the other side is a blooming field due to its evil nature of creating security threads. Many industries have a separate hacking team working towards the solution for security breach. It is a present need to identify the most powerful solution to overcome the problem of hacking.

Its a wonderful opportunity for a scholar working in PhD research topic in cyber security to give their solutions. Apart from these major research topics in cyber security includes role based privilege management systems, such as PERMIS system, self-Adaptive authorization framework, RFID security. All such advanced topics cited below and its related support is provided by our team of experts. We will also extend our support for those are wishing to take any other topics related to cyber security. Cyber security can also be used in Mobile networks, Virtual private networks, document signing and online validation. It has a wide scope but requires a little guidance from experts in this domain. We are ready to provide such guidance with our experts as a service.


Keep the data under lock and key
privacy and online surveillance
security, privacy and trust in its wider socioeconomic context
biologically inspired cyber security and the sustainability of the internetPhd Research Topic in Cyber Security is a blooming field due to the increasing reliance on computer system and internet. Cyber security focus on protecting
international collaboration
research commercialization
responsible research and innovation
prevent mobile devices from attack
virtualization based password protection against malware in untrusted OS
security based on virtualization
context aware security schemes
Media Security
Intelligent Information Systems
Ethical & Legal Issues in Cyber Security etc.

softwares & Tools
2)Microsoft Dynamics AX
3)Sunset / FFapl
4)Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio
5)Belden Debuts Cyber Security Toolkit
6)Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK

Softwares & Tools Description
FireMon–>Used to analyze, visualize and improve the existing network security infrastructure and firewall management.

Microsoft Dynamics AX–> creates and maintains security artifact like Roles, Duties and Privileges.

Sunset / FFapl–> integrated development environment used for rapid implementation of cryptographic-based mechanisms.
Atmel Crypto Evaluation Studio –> suite of software tools used to configure and evaluate

Belden Debuts Cyber Security Toolkit–>Aims to provide next-generation security to SCADA Networks.

Kaspersky Mobile Security SDK–> multi-layered security framework used to build online protection for mobile applications.



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