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Begin your transformation before you set foot on campus. A self-assessment the summer before classes begin and team-building at orientation identify your strengths and weaknesses as a leader. Throughout the program, you’ll explore team leadership, organizational behavior, and ethics to become a more thoughtful and decisive leader.

Individual development plan

Focus on your leadership qualities by building an Individual Development Plan in your first semester. Chart your progress through assessments, feedback and reflection papers. The development plan is crucial to the principles examined in the second year of the program and your final leadership assessment.

Leadership opportunities

Enhance your leadership skills beyond the classroom. Student organizations, applied projects with partner firms, mentorships, internships, and volunteerism offer you an array of opportunities to become a better and more resourceful leader.

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Kasia Pralat

“The sense of community at W. P. Carey is unparalleled and was a big reason that I wanted to attend ASU. I knew that the support from faculty, staff, and classmates would not only enrich my experience as an MBA student, but also foster by growth as a business leader.”

Business leadership curriculum

The business leadership certificate develops tomorrow’s business leaders through a combination of classroom and experiential learning — including six courses (two required courses, one cultural competency elective, and one leadership development elective) and four co-curricular experiences.

Required courses

  • Collaborative Team Skills
  • Leading Organizations

Co-curricular experiences

  • Complete an approved internship*
  • Hold an approved leadership position on the executive board of a registered ASU club or organization on campus
  • Hold an approved leadership role in support of the W. P. Carey School of Business or ASU community
  • Complete an ASU-affiliated study abroad program, or 75 hours of service learning or community service

Sample approved electives

  • Public Speaking
  • Persuasion and Social Influence
  • Globalization and Socio-Economic Justice
  • Leadership and Change
  • Race, Gender, and Media
  • Women, Gender, and Leadership
  • Social and Political Philosophy
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Technology and Society
  • Public Leadership
  • Business and Professional Ethics
  • Collaborative Team Skills
  • Cross-Cultural Management

*Please note that the required internship must be completed after the certificate has been added.

Career opportunities

In a recent survey by the World Economic Forum, 86 percent of respondents said there is a leadership shortage in the world today. To overcome today’s challenges, the world needs strong political, nonprofit, and business leaders who can facilitate cooperation between business, government, academic, and civil society. The business leadership certificate uniquely positions W. P. Carey students to meet this demand, with the right knowledge, skills, and experience to become lifelong agents of change.

How to enroll

The leadership in business certificate is open to current students in the W. P. Carey School of Business. W. P. Carey students may apply to this program once they have completed MGT 310 (Collaborative Team Skills), and at least one of the four required co-curricular experiences. Please consult with your W. P. Carey advisor to learn more about adding the business leadership certificate to your academic plan. If you’re already enrolled in the certificate or need more information about applicable courses, click here.

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