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The Programme has been divided into two semesters per year (January to June and July to December). Consequently, there will be two examinations every year - one in the month of June for the January to June semester courses and the other in December for the July to December semester courses. The students are at liberty to appear for any of the examinations schedule conducted by the University during the year subject to completing the minimum time framework other formalities prescribed for the Programme.

Master of Computer Applications Study Material IGNOU

1.MCS-011 ( Problem Solving & programming )

2.MCS-012 ( Computer Organisation & Assembly languageProgramming )

3.MCS-013 ( Discrete Mathmatics )

4.MCS-014 ( System anlysis & design )

6.MCS-021 ( Data & File Structure )

7.MCS-022 (Operating System Concepts And Networking Management)

8.MCS-023 ( Introduction To database Management System )

10.MCS-031 (Design And Analysis Of Algorithms)

11.MCS-032 (Object Oriented Analysis And Design)

12.MCS-033 (Advanced Discrete Mathematics)

13.MCS-034 (Software Engineering )

15.MCS-041 (Operating Systems)

16.MCS-042 (Data Communication & Computer Networks)

17.MCS-043 (Advanced Database Management Systems )

19.MCS-051 (Advanced Internet Technologies )

20.MCS-052 (Principles Of Management & Information Systems )

21.MCS-053 (Computer Graphics And Multimedia )

22.MCSE-003 (Artificial Intelligence And Knowledge Management)

23.MCSE-004 (Numerical And Statistical Computing )

24.MCSE-011 (Parallel Computing )

25.MCSL-016 (Internet Concepts And Design )

26.MCSL-017 (C & Assembly Language Programming Lab )

27.MCSL-025 (Lab (Based On MCS-021,022,023&024)

28.MCSL-036 (Lab (Based On MCS-032, 034 & 035))

29.MCSL-045 (Lab (UNIX And ORACLE))

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(July-Dec.) 2008

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MCA 2nd Sem
MCS-021 Data and File Structures: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-022 Operating System Concepts & Networking Management: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-023 Introduction to Database Management Systems: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-024 Object Oriented Technologies and Java Programming: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCA 3rd Sem
MCS-031 Design and Analysis of Algorithms: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-032 Object Oriented Analysis and Design: FREE (Incomplete)
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FREEView Questions
MCS-033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics: Rs. 300 only
Rs. 300 only
Status: AvailableView Questions
MCS-034 Software Engineering: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-035 Accountancy and Financial Management: Rs. 150 only
Rs. 150 only
Status: AvailableView Questions
MCSL-36 Laboratory Course: NOT AVAILABLE

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Special offer: MCS-33 and MCS-35: Rs. 400 only


MCA 4th Sem
MCS-41 Operating Systems: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-42 Data Communication and Computer Networks: NOT AVAILABLE
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MCS-43 Introduction to Database Management Systems: NOT AVAILABLE

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MCS-44 Mini Project: NOT AVAILABLE

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