Gestalt Psychology Reflection Essay

2 Gestalt Psychology Reflection The school of thought Gestalt psychology began in the late 19th century in Austria and Germany. Gestalt psychology is based on the idea that perception is experienced in larger wholes, or gestalts (Cherry, 2014). Psychologists that use this school of thought believe that instead of breaking down behavior and thoughts into small elements, behavior should be looked at as a unified whole experience (Kowalski, PhD. & Westen, 2010). The assumption behind Gestalt psychology is that an individual’s mind functions by recognizing structures when none is seen. Gestalt psychology was developed from the initial ideas of structuralism and functionalism regarding perception. The Antecedent Influences on Gestalt psychology accepted the value of consciousness and focused on the wholeness of perception. Immanuel Kant and Enst Mach proposed two different propositions regarding Antecedent Influences on Gestalt

GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY REFLECTION 2 Gestalt Psychology Reflection Gestalt psychology is as a system of psychology that focuses on learning and perception. Gestalt psychology suggests that combining sensory elements will produce new patterns with properties that were not in the individual elements (Shultz, 2011). Gestalt psychology came from ideas of structuralism and functionalism as well as the study of perception. Gestalt psychology acknowledged the worth of consciousness and paid attention to the entirety of perception. Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka, and Wolfgang Köhler influenced Gestalt psychology. Wertheimer researched the Phi Phenomenon; based on obvious movement when objects are still but looking like it is moving (Shultz, 2011). Kurt Koffka offered the thought of perception to Gestalt psychology by helping to set up the theories that gave rise to Gestalt psychology. While Wolfgang Köhler alleged that Gestalt psychology was a universal law of nature.

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