Case Study Research Titles

CASE TITLE: Gelsinger Case

DESCRIPTION of the case by student: Jesse Gelsinger, 18 died during a gene therapy experiment in September of 1999. Gene therapy is a way that scientists can possibly prevent a disease by changing the expressions of a person's genes. This experiment however is still in the beginning stages and involves many ethical issues, and harmful complications that could arise, which in this case is death. The family sued this research team based on lapses in the original experiment. The issue of informed consent also comes into question, because the family was not properly informed of the risks that may happen, which in this case did happen.

url's for the Articles Describing case:

This article is talking about the lawsuit-"


This article talks about the harm in gene therapy experimenting as it pertained to this case


This article voices the fathers opinion on gene therapy followed by other research on gene therapy


This article talks about Jesse's disease



url's for Articles with Ethical Position: Philosophers, Theologians, Lawyers, Medical Doctors

LeRoy Walters, Georgetown University, talks about the ethical controversies on gene therapy


This article talks about the legal side of gene therapy


This article talks about the medical position of gene therapy


This article offers different scenarios about gene therapy and the ethical ideas on each


This is just an extra article that talks about gene therapy and includes some rather interesting articles that I didn't use



Here is another Sample Case Study

MODEL CASE STUDY -Carlos Serrano

Name:  Carlos Serrano

Case Title: Navy Sailor Used in Mustard Gas Chamber Experiment

Description: This case is about a 17 year old Navy sailor who was recruited to experiment new Navy summer clothing in exchange for 3 day passes however was forced to engage in gas chamber experiments. One experiment had him gagging and choking and when he asked to be let out, he was ignored. He passed out and doesn't remember what happened after that. He did live to tell the story many many years later though.

Describing case:

Ethical Positions: The title of this content is still
"A Brief History of Military Contributions to Ethical Standards for Research
Involving Human Subjects"


Case Study: what Topic can impress your Professor

Doing a case study can be a lot of work for some students. It isn’t always easy or convenient, but with an assignment like this, getting a good mark can be frustrating. You have so many other commitments, as a student that one more assignment is overwhelming and you might want to give up. What with family obligations, a part time job, classes and other extracurricular activities, case studies can seem like just one more thing you don’t have time for. Although it’s perfectly normal to be stressed out by something like this, there are solutions to writing a good case study and keeping your sanity.

One of the biggest part of case studies is their topics. If you’re really wanting to get a good mark by impressing your teacher, you need a fantastic topic to start with. Here are some unique and good example topics that you can choose from:

  1. Diversity for the benefit of business
  2. Eating disorders
  3. Motivation and positive environments
  4. Balancing school and life
  5. Responsibilities in the workplace
  6. Effective communication
  7. Dealing with family problems and pressure
  8. Leadership and respect
  9. Importance of personality and cooperation
  10. Effect of past or current depression on career choice

Writing a Good Case Study

Once you’ve picked one of the above or another good topic, you can get into the writing process. Writing your case study is so much easier if you have a strong foundation (which includes your good topic) to start with. Other things you can do to make this easier are creating an outline, making notes and ideas, doing research on similar case studies, and asking your teacher exactly what they want to see.

If you know all of those things, you’ll be better equipped to handle writing a great case study that will impress your teachers. Read the instructions again, making sure you didn’t miss anything. If you have the chance, see if your teacher has past successful case studies that you can read for an example to follow. If not, you can probably find some free samples of case studies online. Using an example or an outline of your own making is the best way to start quickly and make a great case study from the get-go. The best case studies are all formed this way.

Good luck with your case study.

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