Bf4 Gol Magnum Assignment Help

So what do you need?

  • 5 kills on the highest tower on Firestorm or Caspian Border

Forget Caspian Border. Try Firestorm (High ticket) only. Use your favorite class and weapon, get on that tower and don't forget to bring your claymores. It doesn't matter if you get the kills on the lowest or highest level of the tower. It doesn't matter if you make those 5 kills with a sniper rifle, LMG or your repair tool. It's still a bitch, but placing claymores in front of the first ladder makes it a lot easier.

Once you made your 5 kills you say "Fuck you!" to that tower and everybody on it. Go somewhere with a good view on the tower, bring your favorite sniper rifle and shoot everybody you see up there. You had some great moments on that tower, so why not share those joys with your opponents?

If somebody has better tips to complete the assignment you're very welcome to share. Let's complete and forget that assignment as quickly as possible. Knife kills doesnt count.

The GOL (also known as the Gol Sniper Magnum) is a German bolt-action sniper rifle produced by Gol-Matic GmbH and in current used by German police units and the Lithuanian Armed Forces. It is based on the Mauser M98 Magnum system and can be used in a tactical or a sporting set-up.

Battlefield: Bad CompanyEdit




Source of statistics

Battlefield: Bad Company Official Prima Guide

"German bolt action sniper rifle. This highly accurate and reliable rifle is available in a wide range of configurations and is currently used by several German police units as well as sporting groups across the world. "

— In game description

The GOL is a sniper rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company.


The GOL can be found during the final mission, Ghost Town, being used by MEC snipers or as a collectible, located in a circle of sandbags at the barracks in between the first and second objectives.


The GOL is the default sniper rifle issued to the MECRecon kit. It has high accuracy and deals high damage, but in exchange has a low rate of fire with its bolt action and has some bullet travel time.

It comes with a 6x magnification scope attached to the weapon and can kill in one hit with headshot or any part of the body in close quarters, but requires two shots to the body at longer ranges. It is the MEC's equivalent to the American M24 and Russian SV98.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

GOL Sniper Magnum

Inventory slot

Primary Weapon

HUD icon

Maximum ammunition

20 + 5 (without Ammo Upgrade)
35 + 5 (with Ammo Upgrade)

"With outstanding accuracy this rifle provides exceptional performance in difficult situations. Its long range and pinpoint accuracy makes it the rifle of choice with German police agencies and counter terrorist units."

— In-game description.

The GOL Sniper Magnum is a weapon featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, being the fifth sniper rifle issued to the Recon kit requiring 21,000 points to unlock.

It is an extremely accurate, bolt-action sniper rifle capable of neutralizing targets at medium to long range. Head shots from any range and close range shots are one hit kills while other shots to the body at longer ranges are two hit kills.

The weapon has slight bullet drop and bullet travel time so to consistently hit targets at extreme distances will require leading the shots and aiming slightly higher above the target. This weapon is very helpful in extreme distances because the thin crosshairs of the scope make it easier to line up against targets.

The weapon has a 6x magnification scope by default, though the scope can be replaced by a Red Dot Sight, a 4X Rifle Scope or a 12X Zoom Scope. It may also be fitted with a sniper spotting scope, although this attaches to the scope, and does not replace it.

It should be noted that it is the only sniper rifle whose scope does not have mil-dots (though this has little effect unless engaging targets at extreme distances, such as at Arica Harbor).

The GOL Sniper Magnum is best suited for medium-long range combat and should not be used at close range unless absolutely necessary or forced to. The GOL Sniper Magnum also has no scope sway on consoles, though it suffers this on the PC version.

The GOL's in-game stats evaluation

The view through the GOL Sniper Magnum's scope.

The furthest an enemy can be for the GOL to do its highest damage at 10m.

The closest that an enemy can be for the GOL to do its lowest damage at 36m.


Cycling the bolt.

Reloading, notice the Intermediate cartridge.

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