Emory University Phd Application Personal Statement

Required materials for application to the English Ph.D. program are as follows:

Students must apply online by December 1, 2017Please do not mail hard copies of materials submitted online unless requested by the department. Further information may be found on the Graduate School's application page. 

  • Online Application for Admission

  • Statement of Purpose

    In 2-3 pages, describe why you want to pursue a PhD in English at Emory. Here are some guiding questions, but you don't need to answer them all. What sparked your interest in literature? How has it developed over time? What research would you like to conduct as a graduate student in our department? What would you most like to learn here? What training and experiences have you had so far that have been helpful in preparing you for graduate study in English? What are your career plans? Why do you think that Emory's English PhD program would be a good place to conduct the kind of research you want to do?

  • Three, and no more than three, letters of recommendation

  • Official general GRE scores

    The subject test score is not required. To facilitate processing of applications, please submit your GRE student copy while the department waits for the official version. GRE general test scores are required to be considered for admission to the graduate program in English. 

  • Electronic copies of official transcript(s)

    Admitted students will be required to send hard copies to the department at a later date.

  • A single academic writing sample of 15 to 20 pages

    Send us 15-20 pages (double-spaced), and no more than 20 pages, of your best academic writing. The writing sample needs to come from one essay (a paper written for a class, for example) and cannot be a composite of two or more different papers. It may be a section of a longer essay, such as an undergraduate honors thesis. Your writing sample should not contain a grade or any other markings from an instructor. It should represent what you consider to be your best written work, the kind of academic writing you might do for a graduate course in our program.

  • CV or resume

  • **All of the above application materials must be submitted online to the Laney Graduate School by December 1, 2017. The department strictly adheres to this deadline.**

    We thank you for your work in preparing your application, and we look forward to reading it.

    Contact: Clifford Clark at 404-727-1793 or cclark8@emory.edu or call the Laney Graduate School at 404-727-6028.

    The statement of purpose is central to the application. The statement should be limited to two or three single-spaced pages. You should clearly articulate your intended research interests. If your research plans are not yet entirely specific, you should clarify the range of issues in anthropology that you are most interested in pursuing and sketch out plausible contexts for studying them. It is best to avoid extended statements about personal history, except as relevant to your research plan. Overall, your statement should reflect intellectual sophistication, good writing, and a sense of important research direction within some area of cultural, medical, or biological anthropology.

    Any of the following strengthen the personal statement:

    1. The intellectual or practical importance of your area of interest
    2. The names of specific faculty with whom you may want to work
    3. An indication of your awareness of the current literature on your field of interest (use citations selectively)
    4. If appropriate, mention of a specific world area or ethnographic sphere relevant to your research interests
    5. Your relevant prior experiences, courses, research training, or publications
    6. Compatibility of your interests with the Emory Anthropology program/faculty research area(s)

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