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My parents are truly the best people put in this world. Yes, I know everyone thinks their parents are the, but my parents truly are. They are so special. I honestly feel like God had put every goodness into them when they were created. Before you dismiss my claim hear me out. Here are ten reasons why my parents beat any others.

1. They are kindhearted!

My parents are the kind of parents that invite my friends over to spend the night with them. The kind of parents that overfeed my friends and won't take a "no" for a reason. The people who always see the best in people and all situations. The kind of individuals that put everyone and everything first to make the world a better place.

2. They have sacrificed so much!

They both left everything and everyone they were familiar with to bring my sister and me to America to receive an education. They knew if they kept us in Somalia we wouldn't reach the heights they knew we were capable of achieving. They left family, friends, 24/7 beautiful weather, and a place where they were accepted 100% without an image. To come to the world where they were outsiders just so my sister and I could get a quality education.

3. They are smart!

Whenever I think, I am like hella smart and know more than my parents I am always proved wrong. They aren't rude about it or anything, but they just simply let me have my fit before they put me back in my place. I am pretty sure they know just about everything. I have never asked them a question they didn't know the answer to. Now, that is super impressive.

4. They provide for me!

Growing up I never knew that when my parents didn't buy me something it wasn't because they hated me. It was either because they couldn't afford it or because I didn't need it. They have provided me with food and shelter. Here I am 20 years later, and they are still providing for me. Now they have the additional costs of paying for my college.

5. They encourage me!

I have never met anyone who supports me as much as my parents do. They are always giving me the encouragement I carve for. They tell me to ignore what the haters say and do what I want to do. They think I am capable of anything and everything and that makes me believe that I am actually capable of anything and everything.

6. They give me hope!

There have been so many times where I was slowly losing hope. Times where I didn't think there was any hope. But there were my parents always giving me hope and letting me know that the grass is greener on the other side and that the sun will shine through the clouds eventually. They told me never to lose hope because that is the only thing one can truly control.

7. They listen to me!

You might think this is a weird reason, but you wouldn't think that if you knew how just how much I talk. My mouth is constantly moving, and their ears are always open. They listen and let me speak to my heart's content. They hear what I have to say which means the absolute world to me.

8. They forgive me!

They have always forgiven me. They have forgiven me for breaking my mom's favorite plate to being late to curfew. They have always had the heart to overlook my shortcomings and forgive me without missing a beat.

9. They guide me!

They have had such an integral part in who I am today. They have helped me pick a religion that I love with all my heart. They have told me to take the high road and never mistreat any creation of the Lord. I am who I am of them in every way.

10. They love me unconditionally!

They don't want anything from me. They accept for everything that I am flaws and all. They give me love and support without wanting anything in return.

I told you my parents are the They are the best parents anyone could ask for. The kind of people you would never replace even if you had the choice to replace them with the Obamas. They are the perfect parents for me.

Thanks to God for the gift that is my parents!!

Your parents, they give you YOUR life, but then they give you THEIR Life. – Chuck Palahiuk

It feels weird, sad, awkward and increasingly depressing when we see the world and the surroundings we are living in. Where is all the love and respect disappearing? Let alone the strangers we meet every day, we do not even have any respect for our parents any more. These are the people who brought us in this world and it is horrifying to see the distress the parents of today are going through.

From the day we are born, parents spend their lives trying to bring up, nourish, teach and develop their children into the greatest human beings they can possibly make them. They do whatever is in their hands to see that the needs of their children are met. Parents make unconditional sacrifices and give up their lives for us.

When we are young, parents sacrifice their sleep and rest. They are the first ones to wake up and the last ones to go to sleep. They are focused only on one goal, to provide for their children. They go through continuous hard work all day just to make sure that they have done everything for their children, from giving us food and shelter, to teaching us how to prepare for the world, to teaching us how to prepare for judgment day, to teaching us how to be a good citizen and most importantly, how to be great human beings.

Parents do all this not to get any benefit from their children, but only with the hope and belief that their children will become pious, educated, and respectful to their parents, useful to their family, society, country and a living example of success.

You see, we leave our beloved parents heartbroken every single day of our lives. When we hurt our parents, we are actually hurting ourselves. Who in the world is crazy enough to do harm to themselves? Taking into consideration the love they have given us, have we ever for a moment thought what they have been through to make us happy? Are we grateful for what they have done for us? Have we shown them our gratitude? Unfortunately, instead of loving them back, respecting them, being grateful and showing gratitude, we have always been complaining, blaming and hurting them. By refusing to choose a positive attitude and thinking that whatever they have done for us is to restrict us in one way or the other is the biggest mistake of our lives.

We forget that parents are the ones who have taught us the meaning of life; they have taught us how to live this life and lead a life of contentment. They are the ones who have given us everything, from A to Z. Yet, we are ungrateful and disrespectful towards them. We do not even pay heed to what they have to say and take them for granted. Is this humanly possible? How can we be so cruel & shrewd?

It is our moral responsibility to take care of our parents. We should make sure that we be good human beings as whatever we do in this world reflects upon our parent’s personalities and their upbringing. Listening to and obeying your parents is the only way we can show our parents that we really love them and care for them. It is a way to show them that their precious time that they have spent in making us great human beings has not gone in vain and they have been successful. This is all they want from us and we should do everything in order to assure this to them.

Personally, I make sure that I think of my parents while doing anything in daily life. Even though I have been away from them for a few years now and do not have their watchful eye over me, I think how my parents would feel or react if I did a certain thing and they knew about it. I do it if I feel my parents would be happy and I don’t if I feel the other way round. This way, I make sure that I do the right thing in whatever I do, which is first of all, of benefit to me and secondly, it makes them the proudest parents when they come to know and realize that their child cares for them and has so much respect for what they want you to be in life.

No feeling in the world is as great as the one which we get when we act in accordance to our parent’s wishes and desires. One feels on top of the world when a child’s parents are happy. When your parents are happy and satisfied with you, it doesn’t matter what the world thinks, does or says. Parents are everything that matters.

We are in insurmountable debt when it comes to the amount of unconditional love we have received from our parents. We cannot even repay one minute of their lost sleep that occurred as they were caring for us, let alone a life long duration of continuous sacrifices that they have made for us.

Parents are the Angels of our lives and we should make sure that we do our best to make them happy, fulfill their desires and their wishes. Without respect for ones parents, a human being’s life is meaningless and whatever success he may have achieved in life is of no value if the people who brought him in this world are not happy. Parents are a gift of GOD who are to be cherished forever. There is nothing we can do to repay them. The least we can do is to respect them, love them and live our lives according to their wishes.

I dedicate the following poem to my beloved parents, as this special month brings their 28th Wedding Anniversary. May they live long and may their huge shadow of love and protection always remain with us. Amen

Dear Parents,

God has already blessed me
or having parents like you
Which makes me want to live my life
All the way through
I would like to say a prayer
For you to always know
How much I care for you
Which sometimes I never show
I’ll for always love you
For taking care of me
I’ll forever remember the few
Who aren’t so lucky
You have taught me so much,
That so little I know
That will help all the way through my life
Your advice will never go
Thank you for what you have done for me
Thank you for what you have made me see
Although sometimes I don’t agree
I have come to realize
That your words are like a guarantee

Author Unknown

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