Comparing Ratios Using Ratio Tables Lesson 11 Homework

I use the Think About It problem for the start of the New Material section.  At the bottom of this page, I create ratio tables for each teacher, including a total column.  I then tell students that I am going to prove to them three times that Ms. Thody has the spicier chili.

First, I ask students to find a number that shows up on both total columns.  When the total is 45, Ms. Thody uses 18 tbsp of chili powder, and Ms. Rey uses 15 tbsp of chili powder.  Usually, there are choruses of 'oooh' in the classroom.

Then, I tell students I am going to prove my point a second time.  I ask students to find a number of tbsps of beans that appears on both tables (6, for example).  I ask students questions that gets us to the conclusion that with the same amount of beans, Ms. Thody uses more chili power.

Finally, students identify a number that shows up in the chili powder column.  We talk about diluting the chili powder with beans and make conclusions about the spiciness of the chilis.  

(If this last point is confusing kids, I ask them if anyone likes KoolAid.  I have them imagine that I have 2 packets of KoolAid.  I mix one packet with 2 c of water and one packet with 10 c of water.  I have students turn and talk with their partners about the difference between the two mixes)

Once we've looked at three different comparison points, I move into the notes in the Intro to New Material section.  The first page lists the steps we followed to complete the chili problem.  I use my notes to show students a horizontal ratio table; I want them to be comfortable with both formats.  I show students how to write a complete response to the questions asks (answer the question, identify where in the ratio table the reader should look, and then draw a conclusion).  The exit ticket samples in this lesson show two student responses.  

I guide students through the second problem, using this Exemplar.  

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