Weekly Assignments See Reader Complete

Step 4: Building the paper

Now that you have the information you need to write your paper, you'll start your rough draft.  You can take the information from your outline and place it into your APA formatted paper that you've already downloaded and saved.  The outline will show you what your paragraphs will contain.  Again, start with the main points from your outline.  You'll build your paragraphs around those main points (remember, one main point per paragraph) and fill in details to support each main idea. Go back to step 3 if you have more questions on writing an outline.

Remember that writing is a process.  If you get stuck as you go, utilize your resources:

  • APA Guide for help with formatting, citations, and reference page.
  • Grammarly for help with spelling, grammar, mechanics, and when you may need to cite something (plagiarism check).
  • Submit to Writing Lab to have your paper reviewed by a tutor.
    • Scroll down to see Drop Box & Rubric for Writing Submission below.
  • Work with a tutor.  Make an appointment with a tutor in Tutor Match.  
    • See the Tutoring Resources box at bottom left. Click on the Tutor Match tab.
  • Utilize Learning Express for writing assistance. 
  • NoodleTools for help with creating in-text citations and reference pages.
  • Watch a webinar (multiple topics).
  • View the English Composition Guide for helpful resources. 

Watch the short video below for information on APA formatting.

I really enjoyed this class. I thought the amount of materials were just right. I would recommend this class to anyone who is interested in business decision-making. It provides you with tools that enable you to be objective, thoughtful, and a careful in your daily business activities. It requires you to think through the numbers, see beyond the obvious. You might have seen so many business leaders making decision on the fly. They seem so intuitive. Are they really? I thought that each and every businessperson must be required to take this course. It is this simple; the decision made by a businessperson affects not only her but others surrounding her. It is not an important course; it is a critical course.

How I studied: The web-based class that I took from Dr. Arsham was full of information. He was available for your questions via Forums and email. His Web site and ELABS are just mind-boggling. The amount of information come from Dr. Arsham's Web site is an outstanding resource that you can always fall back on.

If you just did exactly what specified in the weekly outline, you would be fine. However, this is how I worked on this class. This is strictly my personal choice. I started each week by reading the outline, skimming through the lecture notes and extra reading, reading the textbook assignment. I did these steps in a normal pace. I normally would miss many important points. I just did not want to get bogged down while reading the first time. I just want to get the big picture first. This worked well for me. I then started on my homework, hidden homework in lecture notes. Homework assignment often includes even numbers that does not have answers. I usually did extras including the odd numbers with answers in the back of the text in addition to the actual assignment. This way I would know if did it right. It took extra efforts but I would understand the subject in finer detail. When I'm done with the homework, I would write definitions of new terms I learned this work in my own words. If you could explain it yourself, you would more likely understand the subject. I then review the Web sites, and started using the ELABS. Often time, the ELAB helped to ensure that my homework problems were correct. Finally, I went back and read the outline, the lecture note, the recommended extra readings, and the text. This time, I usually captured all the important points. So, as you can see, there is a lot of work.

The way I see it is when I make a business decision in the face of uncertainty, I want to minimize my risk and maximize my result. The more I learn today, the less risky moves I will make in the future.

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